Frequently Asked Questions

What is birth photography?
Capturing amazing moments... all emotions, strenght, fear, love, and finally... NEW LIFE...    All of this will fade quickly... Is that your first birth? Or maybe it's not... but... Do you remember your partner's/ husbands face when he first time saw his baby? No? I don't remember mine either... That's because he was taking the pictures. And those great pictures of the first moments of your baby's life? No? You know, the blurry, shaky ones that he took, because he was in tears himself?

Why I want to photograph births? 

Simply... I think it's amazing expierience... Every birth is different... When I was pregnant with my first daughter, I wanted to have everything captured... recorded... And I have! <3 But... My husband is not in videos... not in photos... He held camera... he recordered everything... part from... himself... I don't remember him during that day... I was too tired... 5 years later I was pregnant again with our second daughter... We bought new camera and new video recorder... Again... We wanted to remember every detail... But we didn't had time to check camera settings before birth... Same story... Loads of pictures, not the best ones, but still treasured... and videos... Everything recordered in SLOW MOTIONS with NO sound!!! :(  

All this happend before I started my photography business... :) My two children are the reason why I started and become full time photographer. 

Photographing birth is a bit like reporting a story. You'll see photos of your loved ones that are there with you, their reactions. Photos of you working hard and being beautiful. Photos of the surroundings, and details, that you may not remember after days or weeks, but important on the big day. And of course the photos of your baby entering this world!

Would you love to see that?

Will we meet before the birth?
Yes. I would like to meet with you at least once, so we can get to know each other and so I'm not yet another stranger in the room. We can discuss the contract and I can answer any questions you might have.

Do you take pictures of the whole labour and birth?
No. Not the whole labour, I would most likely come when the labour is established, unless there's a possibility of the labour being very quick then I would come as soon as you ask me. Once I come to your labour I stay to the end, and for another 1-2 hours after the birth, depends on what you require.

Will you post the photos on the internet?
I would love to use some of the photographs for on my website and social networking sites, as it helps promote my small business and helps new clients decide if I am the right fit for them. I will only use images approved by you.  

When do you show up?
In most cases I should arrive when the labour is established, at around 5 cm,  As a labour can be unpredictable, this is tailored to individual needs, i.e. if you are expected to have a  short, fast labour... I will come as soon as you ask me.

How long will you stay?  What if I have a long labour?
I will stay throughout the labour and birth and up to 2 hours after the birth.

What if I have a short labour, will I get any of my money back? 
No. I am on call from 38 weeks to 42 weeks, or longer, regardless of the length of the labour , and I will not take any other birth photography bookings for that period. You still receive your photos and other product(s) you pay for.

What if you miss the birth?

  • If I miss the labour and birth because it happened so quickly that there was no time for me to make it (I will only in exceptional circumstances be more than an hour away) I will offer a FREE Newborn session instead. 
  • If I miss the labour and birth because I was not called in time (I will ask you to call me as soon as you think you are in labour, established or not, so I can get ready and make other arrangements), I will offer you a discount (25% off) for a Newborn session.
  • If I miss the labour and birth due to an illness I will fully refund and offer you a discount (25% off) for a Newborn session. 

What if I have a c-section?
It is up to the yout to find out if I  would be permitted and into the operating theatre in case of a C-section, and to get appropriate permissions.
If I am called to a C-section birth and cannot go to the theatre with mum/parents, I will take photographs before the C-section and after.

What if the baby needs to go to NICU/SCBU?
I will not (most likely) be allowed to go in with the baby. If there are no photos of your baby, I will offer you a discount (25% off) for a Newborn session at later date.

Will I have to get approval from my hospital?
Most hospitals will limit the number of people, some are stricter than others, and it's up to you to find out...

When should I book?
As soon as you decide to have a photographer at your birth.  Due to the unpredictability of labour I can only book very limited number of births per month.

How do you charge?
You can pay the whole price on booking, or pay a deposit on booking and divide remaining sum into monthly payment, with the last payment paid no later than 2 weeks before the expected due date (when I go on call). If you later decide to order additional prints or other items, this could be paid when ordering. You can pay, cash, cheque or PayPal.

Do you use a flash?  What if I want my birth dark?
I prefer not to use flash. In most cases there will be some light available, through a bathroom door, wall light, candle light, midwife's torch etc. Sometimes it is just too dark to get any photos, as quality of your images would be too bad, so flash may be necessary. In these situations it is up to you to decide if you rather not have certain photos taken or am I OK to use my led light or flash... 

How many photographs will you take? How many photographs will I get?
I will probably take around 300-500 photos, depending on the birth. Out of these I will choose and edit 100-150 images. There is many factors that will influence the numbers, like at what stage I arrive, how fast is the labour/birth, how quiet/busy it is, (with many people in the room it may be harder to get good shots), what light is available, etc.

How long will it take to get my photographs?
I will have about 3-4 photos ready for you within 48 hours, the rest of the photos within 3-4 weeks, prints- 7 working days from placing the order (after you choose which photos you would like to have printed) Canvas and albums usually it takes around 4-6 weeks to arrive.

Will they be color or black and white?
Black and white. If you wish to receive some images in colour just let me know during our meeting.

Do I get a CD of all my images?  What if I want prints?
Depending on package you choose... Check my Birth packages...
I offer many different, high quality products, from prints to albums, please ask for details.